Stefanosis has been collecting and playing metallic singing bowls for nearly a decade, and is also a certified yoga instructor since 2013. As a former workshop coordinator for IASH, Stefanosis gained much of his knowledge about singing bowls from Master Satya Brat of Kolkata India. With a personal collection of over 20 singing bowls, Stefanosis wants to share these techniques to educate and prepare people in the correct, practical fundamentals of sound yoga and therapy through singing bowls.

"The future of meditation and mindfulness is sound, because we are finally rediscovering its glorious past."


What is "Nada Yoga" and "singing bowls" ?

The word "Nada" comes from the ancient Sanskrit language, and describes waves of sound. Yoga is another Sanskrit word to describe a union, or merging with higher consciousness - so Nada Yoga is the practice of higher consciousness through the medium of sound-waves. Singing bowls - whether crystal or metallic - are the tools of sound yoga, and have their history in ancient India around the mountain communities of the Himalayas. Singing bowls and sound-baths have become very popular as a method of modern, group meditations. Sound yoga can reduce stress and bring participants to a meditative state quickly and effortlessly; However, the correct application of singing bowls is necessary for best results. For this reason, Stefanosis has created this unique course.